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Mr Light is a local registered company. We are based in South africa.We know what our fellow africans want, We serve our africans as our family members. We always provide quality and Best cost effictive products. We specialize in residential light, commecial lights, industrial lights, and solar prducts as well, We focus on energy saving and Green products. Let’s work together to save your money and save the planet.

Why Mr Light

  • We have our own factories, 108 high level engnieers,more than 1000 profecianal workers, demand.
  • We can  always make our products up to the date and meet the marcket demand.
  • We manufacture ourselves.We can control the quality and cost.
  • We directly distribute in South Africa, no middle man
  • Lazy people don’t want to work.
  • Lazy people don’t want to learn
  • Lazy people always find excuses why failed not find the solutions to solve the problems
  • Lazy people complain everyday but they don’t change themselves
  • Lazy people dream everyday but no action